RRHV – Taming the Puppies – Ice vs Ice Dogs 25/4/2015

The Ice take care of a very young and inexperienced Ice Dogs team.

The Ice Dogs are kinda like a learner driver right now – they know what to do, they can do it, but they just need more time and more practice to get better.  Unfortunately, they got overwhelmed by a Ferrari-driving Melbourne Ice team.

The AIHL 2015 Schedule has been released!

On Friday, the AIHL released the 2015 AIHL schedule.  Everyone has poured over it to find all the big exciting match-ups around the league, and to plan those road trips to far-off places in search of their hockey fix.

A couple of cool things to note about the Ice’s schedule:

  • The first game of the season is a home game against the Ice Dogs on ANZAC Day
  • The first Melbourne Derby is a Thursday night game less than a week later (30th April)
  • Speaking of Thursday games, we have three of them against the Mustangs.
    • Only one of those Thursday games is an Ice home game (23rd July), so get your tickets for the other games early!
  • We finish the season with a weekend road trip to Sydney, followed by a weekend road trip to Perth, and one last game at home against the Bears.

Without further ado, we present to you the Lazy Efficient Person’s AIHL 2015 Schedule, in a whole bunch of digital formats!  You can:

  • Download a PDF directly from the AIHL
  • Download files for your calendar of choice:
    • CSV File
    • ICS File
    • Check your programs documentation to find out which one you should use, and how to import it.  These files are off-line and do not update.
  • Subscribe to our Google Calendar using this ICS link
    • Check your programs documentation about how to subscribe to an online iCal calendar.  This is an online calendar, which we will be updating with results (and schedule changes if required) as they become available.

With all of these different ways to keep up-to-date, you should have no reason for forgetting about a game across the season.


River Road Hockey Video — AIHL Finals Preview

I dust off the crystal ball (which I’d never used before) and take to the numbers to see if I can predict the outcomes of the AIHL Finals series. Disclaimer: I have no idea who will win, and I completely understand the theory that “the finals are independent from regular season play”. But hey, it’s fun to prophecize.