Discipline over skill, strategy over speed… But not how you think! – Blackhawks vs Red Wings, 7 & 9/12/2012

(Yes, I know this is late, but I was kinda planning for the world to end, y’know?)

In the last episode, the AJIHL’s Melbourne Blackhawks were beaten by a disciplined and structured Melbourne Red Wings team. Since the games ended, I’ve been thinking about how this would play out for the Hawks in their next meeting: Could they figure out how to beat the Red Wings defensive structure? What would this mean for a team built on skill? And why is the old man in the fedora staring at me?

Ahem… sorry. I’ll just put away the “1940’s radio serial” filter.

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Hot days and no hockey (linkspam)

Last weekend saw the end of the 2013 hockey season in Melbourne, with the AJIHL and the IHV summer league both playing their last games before the Christmas break. The Blackhawks and the Red Wings played twice last week, on Friday and Sunday. Both wins went to the Blackhawks, who finish the first half of the season at the top of the ladder with a comfortable two-win margin. Now, though, it’s going to be a quiet six weeks until we see some hockey in Melbourne again. Normally Jane and I would spend most of January avoiding the sun, drinking cold beers and sinking into despair of the Chicago Blackhawks’ inability to score power play goals, but who knows if we’ll even have any NHL games to complain about this summer?

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Summer break is looming (news post)

Note: our report on last weekend’s Melbourne Ice games are going to be a little later than usual as Jane has been ill this week. She will have a report on the double header against the Sirens, but right now her top priority is resting and getting healthy. Get well soon, Jane!

First up, the most important news of the day: if you live in Melbourne, head down to the Comics Lounge tonight and help the Melbourne Ice women’s team raise some funds for their trip to the AWIHL finals in March! Tickets are $20 and you can buy them directly from the Melbourne Ice players at the door. You get a great comedy variety show at a bargain price and help send the Ice to Newcastle for the finals – what’s not to like? (Unless you’re a Sirens, Goannas or Adrenaline fan, I suppose…)

Tomorrow night there’s the now-familiar fixture of Friday night AJIHL action between the Blackhawks and the Redwings at 8pm and again on Sunday as the junior league wraps up the first half of the season for the summer break. The last AWIHL games already played out last weekend, of course, with the Ice and the Adrenaline taking full points for the second week running. Read on for more about the AWIHL, some bits and pieces of AIHL news and more… Continue reading