Nathan Walker to play in USHL Top Prospects game

Just in this morning: Austin Cangelosi (who was the Youngstown Phantoms player who was going to play in the USHL Top Prospects game) is ill, and his place is being taken by Nathan Walker.

This is fantastic news for Walker. He’ll be under the eyes of a lot of scouts/NHL personnel. What’s even better news is that the game is being streamed for free, either at the USHL Facebook page, or at the USHL Fasthockey page (registration needed.) The game starts at 7:15pm American EST, which is 11:15am AEDT/8:15am WDT.

(… in around an hour and twenty minutes from the time of publication, OK?)

I am incredibly jealous of anyone who’s not at work and can actually watch this game.

EDIT: It’s over, Walker was #9 on team East, and lost 2-1. Didn’t get any goals, but at least one indie scout was impressed. The game’s now gone from free streaming to on demand–I could only keep half an eye on it, but I believe I’ll be rewatching.

Oh, and Walker made the NHL website, with a quote from their director of European scouting saying that he’s a great skater and works hard!

Weekend Wrap – AWIHL, World Juniors, Nathan Walker

Considering there was no league hockey played in Melbourne this week, we still found plenty of interesting games to talk about. Aside from waking up at the crack of dawn on Sunday to watch the NHL start playing again (we can’t have been the only ones) this week included the resumption of the AWIHL with games in Queensland and New South Wales, the end of Australia’s run in this years IIHF World Junior tournament and another great weekend with the Youngstown Phantoms for Nathan Walker.


This week’s AWIHL games saw the stronger teams from the first half of the season pitted against the weaker ones – Adrenaline vs North Star Sirens, Ice vs Goannas – and the results were similar to the last times this set of teams met. In Adelaide, the Adrenaline took both games by a decent margin, the scorelines 5-1 and 6-2 respectively. Adrenaline star forward Andrea Steranko got a point from every single goal on Saturday’s game; four goals outright and an assist on Bethanie Kavanagh’s goal. Kavanagh also had a big weekend, with three assists and a goal on Saturday and two goals of her own on Sunday. Though it was a couple of hard losses for the Sirens, they seem to have played a very clean game, especially compared to the last time these teams met. Weber and Godfrey, who really stood out to us when the Sirens played in Melbourne last December, dominated the Sirens’ scoreboard again – every Sirens goal from this double-header was scored by one and assisted by the other. [Adrenaline game report]

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Hockey’s back! (news post)

The AWIHL returns this weekend after their summer break to start the second half of their summer season. Round four sees the North Star Sirens visiting the Adrenaladies for two matches in Adelaide, which will be interesting after their exciting matches in Newcastle back in November, especially since the Sirens could really do with a win if they want to catch up to Adelaide in points. Meanwhile, the Melbourne Ice will be heading up to Queensland to take on the Goannas in Brisbane.

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Aussie Hockey Abroad

It’s been a long, hot, hockey-free summer so far, but athough there’s still another week until the AWIHL returns (and three until we see the Melbourne Ice Women back at Docklands) the action is starting to pick up. The NHL lockout is over, Australia’s U20 men’s team is off at World Juniors, and Nathan Walker’s signed with a team whose games we can actually watch from Australia.

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