The line is getting thinner – Melbourne Mustangs @ Melbourne Ice, 6 June 2013

I’ve said in the past on this site how much I enjoy weeknight games, and that certainly hasn’t changed. I’ve also told people that I can’t wait until the Ice and the Mustangs get to fight it out for the Goodall Cup – and of course for the Ice to win – as it proves that the hockey community in Melbourne is strong, and the development of players is second to none. I measure the strength of a league as the distance between the top teams and the worst teams – and considering last year the Mustangs finished last and we won the Goodall Cup, Ice vs Mustangs games become a benchmark for the strength of the league. So based on this game, that gap is pretty narrow – we can say we have a strong league, which can only be a good thing.

Yes, this is a Melbourne Ice fan site, but credit where it is due – the Mustangs have improved a lot in this season, and they are starting to find the rhythm they need to become successful.

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