River Road Hockey Video — The Fuses Have Been Lit — Ice vs Mustangs 19/04/2014

River Road Hockey S1 E3 — The local derby between the Ice and Mustangs never fails to disappoint. Whats a Mustangs Ice game without a little controversy?

I mentioned about Stephen White’s article on Hockeywise – here is the link to the article: http://www.hockeywise.com.au/news/lets-call-the-whole-thing-off/

River Road Hockey Video – 2014 Season Preview

(I know we have been quiet for the last few months, but we have been busy building RRH Studios! A new and exciting way for you to get hockey opinions! You don’t even need to read!)

River Road Hockey S1 E1 – Discussing the changes to the Melbourne Ice for the 2014 season, and explaining why I have no idea how they will do this year.