River Road Hockey Video — The Reset Game – Ice vs Mustangs 05/06/2014

In the second of our catch-up series, this post gets released much later than expected.  Damn Ice beating the Brave in a shoot-out ….

RRH S1 E9 – The Ice take on the Mustangs in a mid-week cross-town derby, and the results are exactly as the Hockey Gods predicted (with the help of some rudimentary statistical work).  Recorded June 7, 2014.

River Road Hockey Video — Win Some, Lose Some — Ice vs Brave 31-1/06/2014

Oops, we’ve been super-busy the last few weeks, and have a bit of a back-log with the video reviews we have been doing.  While it’s all systems go from our end, we don’t want to flood you with a heap of videos all at once, so we’ll release one a day until we get back up to date.  So here is the first of the series ….

The Ice head to the nation’s capital to face the CBR Brave, and end up taking a win and a loss.  Recorded June 4, 2014.