River Road Hockey Video – 2014 Season Preview

(I know we have been quiet for the last few months, but we have been busy building RRH Studios! A new and exciting way for you to get hockey opinions! You don’t even need to read!)

River Road Hockey S1 E1 – Discussing the changes to the Melbourne Ice for the 2014 season, and explaining why I have no idea how they will do this year.

Growing junior hockey

Just when we thought the summer was going to be a quieter period for hockey in Australia, along came the Australian Junior Ice Hockey League, apparently out of nowhere. All of a sudden we had a new league, four new teams and another competition to follow, cheer for and argue about over the summer. In reality, I’m sure, the creation of the AJIHL wasn’t quick or easy at all. However long it’s been coming, though, the announcements were well timed, and the league is a welcome addition to the hockey fan’s calendar and to the development of young hockey players in Australia.

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What I learned from the inaugural Trans-Tasman Champions League

The inaugural Trans-Tasman Champions League tournament was a hell of a weekend. It was a great experience for me, as a fan of the sport and as a fan of the Melbourne Ice. And like any new experience, or any new, unprecedented event, there were lessons to be learned as well. This is a varied list of things the weekend taught me about the great sport of ice hockey, factors that affect the running of an event like this and the experience of being a hockey fan.

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Don’t Dream It’s OT: A Kiwi Perspective on the TTCL

So we’re just under a week out from the Trans Tasman Champions League kicking off, and Jane has asked me to provide a bit of a Kiwi perspective on the visiting teams.

I’m not exactly planning on offering any kind of scouting report — for one thing, I’m not giving the Aussie teams that kind of a leg up, thanks — this is more a snapshot so that the AIHL fans have an idea of who to watch on the Kiwi teams, and what to expect.

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