River Road Hockey Video — AIHL Finals Preview

I dust off the crystal ball (which I’d never used before) and take to the numbers to see if I can predict the outcomes of the AIHL Finals series. Disclaimer: I have no idea who will win, and I completely understand the theory that “the finals are independent from regular season play”. But hey, it’s fun to prophecize.

It’s all the same if nothing of mine persuades you, of course: the future will come

Predictions post for weekend beginning 28/7/2012

… I’ve frankly given up on quotes that other people will know. Go read Aeschylus’ Oresteia, specifically Agamemnon, it’s great and has lots of gore. People get killed with axes.

This weekend is a weekend of ALL THE HOCKEY EVER. Presumably to make up for next weekend, when there’s no hockey in Melbourne. OH NO. WHAT WILL I DO?!? (The answer is probably rewatch old Melbourne Ice games.)

Anyrate, on to the weekend!

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Say which grain will grow and which will not: Predictions post for the weekend 21/07/2012

(Yes, I’m getting more obscure with the quotations. A gold star to the person who can tell me where this is from without resorting to google.)
There are a lot of interesting match-ups this weekend. So let’s get to the predictions!

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It goes on-and-on my friend

Why yes, I am feeling particularly evil today. Thank you for noticing.

… now that you’ve had a little time to get that earworm out of your heads (for those who don’t know what I’m referring to: shame on you. You can go educate yourself here. You’re welcome.) let’s have a brief review of this weekend’s features.

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Looking back at week 9 and forward to TTCL (links post)

Last week, before the weekend hockey action kicked off, we saw a couple of AIHL appearances in the mainstream media (as usual, featuring Doug Wilson Jr) with a bit of discussion about Nathan Walker’s adventures in the draft, too. This week we’ve seen more of both: a great ABC News 24 segment on the Melbourne Ice (yes, featuring Doug Wilson) and the Washington Capitals development camp roster – which doesn’t list Nathan Walker. There may still be changes to the roster, but regardless of whether Walker takes the Caps up on their offer, we’ll be keeping an eye out for any news.

Moving on to this weekend, the North Stars continue to dominate and the Ice game against the Dogs on Sunday led to an unexpected blowout, and the Mustangs played two extremely different games on the road in Adelaide. Jane’s still working on a recap of the Ice game – there’s a lot to say about it, I mean, you could fill a page just talking about the goals scored – but you can keep reading to see more discussions of the latest AIHL round, excitement and predictions for the Trans Tasman Champions League this weekend, and continued overuse of the names ‘Doug’ and ‘Wilson’.

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Don’t Dream It’s OT: A Kiwi Perspective on the TTCL

So we’re just under a week out from the Trans Tasman Champions League kicking off, and Jane has asked me to provide a bit of a Kiwi perspective on the visiting teams.

I’m not exactly planning on offering any kind of scouting report — for one thing, I’m not giving the Aussie teams that kind of a leg up, thanks — this is more a snapshot so that the AIHL fans have an idea of who to watch on the Kiwi teams, and what to expect.

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Linkspam: Once More With Feeling

I usually only do one of these posts per week but there’s been a lot happening so you get double your usual lot.

First of all, Doug Wilson Jnr (I promise, we will talk about other Ice players some time but he appears to be the go-to media guy. *shrug*) did another interview with Fox Sports. Points: