River Road Hockey Video – 2014 Season Preview

(I know we have been quiet for the last few months, but we have been busy building RRH Studios! A new and exciting way for you to get hockey opinions! You don’t even need to read!)

River Road Hockey S1 E1 – Discussing the changes to the Melbourne Ice for the 2014 season, and explaining why I have no idea how they will do this year.

Coming soon

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This blog is unabashedly written by supporters of the Melbourne Ice, although we can appreciate pretty play from any team–albeit grudgingly if they actually beat the Melbourne Ice.

About your authors:

Jane Glatt likes wine, hockey and photography. Not necessarily in that order. While reluctantly conceding the need for defense, she likes teams with an emphasis on offense. She’s enough of a Blackhawks fan that the phrase “power play” gives her a reflexive eye-twitch. The Pittsburgh Penguins are her eastern conference team, largely because everybody bad-mouthed them. She has a thing for good goalies.

Chelsea Xavier likes hockey, politics and live music. Another Blackhawks fan, she actually gets excited when teams score on the power play before remembering that they’re supposed to. She likes pretty plays and high-scoring forwards, and maintains a sneaking fondness for the Bruins because at least they’re honest about the fact that they’re thugs.