River Road Hockey Video — AIHL Finals Preview

I dust off the crystal ball (which I’d never used before) and take to the numbers to see if I can predict the outcomes of the AIHL Finals series. Disclaimer: I have no idea who will win, and I completely understand the theory that “the finals are independent from regular season play”. But hey, it’s fun to prophecize.

River Road Hockey Video — The Reset Game – Ice vs Mustangs 05/06/2014

In the second of our catch-up series, this post gets released much later than expected.  Damn Ice beating the Brave in a shoot-out ….

RRH S1 E9 – The Ice take on the Mustangs in a mid-week cross-town derby, and the results are exactly as the Hockey Gods predicted (with the help of some rudimentary statistical work).  Recorded June 7, 2014.

River Road Hockey Video — The Fuses Have Been Lit — Ice vs Mustangs 19/04/2014

River Road Hockey S1 E3 — The local derby between the Ice and Mustangs never fails to disappoint. Whats a Mustangs Ice game without a little controversy?

I mentioned about Stephen White’s article on Hockeywise – here is the link to the article: http://www.hockeywise.com.au/news/lets-call-the-whole-thing-off/