RRHV – Taming the Puppies – Ice vs Ice Dogs 25/4/2015

The Ice take care of a very young and inexperienced Ice Dogs team.

The Ice Dogs are kinda like a learner driver right now – they know what to do, they can do it, but they just need more time and more practice to get better.  Unfortunately, they got overwhelmed by a Ferrari-driving Melbourne Ice team.

River Road Hockey Video — AIHL Finals Preview

I dust off the crystal ball (which I’d never used before) and take to the numbers to see if I can predict the outcomes of the AIHL Finals series. Disclaimer: I have no idea who will win, and I completely understand the theory that “the finals are independent from regular season play”. But hey, it’s fun to prophecize.

Home Sweet Home – Sydney Ice Dogs at Melbourne Ice, 5/5/13

It’s weird, y’know. Here in Melbourne, we are spoilt for choice with hockey at various levels. The Ice are three-time reigning AIHL champions, and the Women’s team have just secured their second Joan McKowen trophy in the AWIHL. We had the introduction of the Australian Junior Ice Hockey League, which was won by the Sydney Maple Leafs in a tense shoot-out over the Melbourne Red Wings. Add to that all of the state-league teams run by Ice Hockey Victoria, and it is a rare weekend I spend away from an ice rink.
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